Are your digital photography files scattered across multiple computers, hard drives, staff, and freelancers?  Are you looking for a "one-stop shop" to find everything you need in one place?  These are the services offered by JenTyner Consulting:

Metadata creation, including arrangement and description, for visual assets

  • Arrangement involves a category or folder structure for easier browsing
  • Description involves attaching descriptive metadata to digital assets to make searching simple and effective
  • Metadata dictionary - a list of controlled vocabulary customized to suit the needs of your organization

Support services for digital asset management (DAM) systems

  • Reference services - assist with searching and retrieval of digital assets
  • Inventory, arrange, describe, and upload assets into a DAM
  • Train DAM users how to upload, describe, tag, search, and retrieve digital assets
  • Manage user access levels in a DAM