Hot Job Market, Hot Atlanta Meetup

Direct link to hear the June 25, 2015 Atlanta DAM Meetup podcastThe Atlanta DAM Meetup podcasts can also be found on iTunes.

I was unable to attend this Atlanta DAM Meetup on June 25, 2015 due to my move to Dallas, TX that same month, but it is a great podcast to share. Several topics were discussed, including how librarians are useful for cataloging in the corporate world, DAM in corporate and non profit organizations, DAM systems in museums, and the upcoming Henry Stewart DAM conference in Chicago in September 2015. I especially liked Sarah Adegunwa's comment about DAM "therapists" who must understand the needs of every type of end user. Elizabeth Keathley also made a remark about how DAM governance must come from the top-down; "If people at the top aren't going to use it, then the people at the bottom won't."

To hear this podcast and others, check out Elizabeth Keathley's web site Atlanta Metadata Authority and go to the DAM Podcasts section.